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Here you will find Testimonials from some of the many customers to have benefitted from my skills.

Aleksi Enbuske

"Kathy Way has been my private Pilates teacher in Monaco little bit over one year. She is a perfect example of person who loves what she does - Passionate, professional and fun teacher who really cares about her customers and their well being. Everything she said to me about the benefits of Pilates has become true. I highly recommend her. What a lovely person!"

Aleksi Enbuske

Joanna Kenner

Pilates (with Kathy) has been a bit of a revelation for me. In the past I've have tried lots of different exercise classes, alongside running and swimming. Now, having done pilates for over two years, I can say I've found it the most beneficial exercise I've ever done. Re-connecting with my body! Working muscles I didn’t know existed, but also getting control and balance.

In the first 6 months I saw huge changes in the way I was moving and when I was pregnant I saw a whole new side to the discipline. It’s amazing how Kathy was able to adjust all the exercises to keep me strong and working!

It's improved my strength, flexibility, balance and physical awareness - aside from benefits to my body shape. I really enjoy my classes and Kathy takes the time to personalise and vary the classes, keeping it interesting and helping you to see your progress. I can't recommend enough!

Joanna Kenner Eze -sur-Mer January 2016

Helene Nobili

J'ai arrêté le sport pendant plusieurs mois et j'ai pris quelques kilos ... J'ai contacté Kathy pour perdre ces kilos. J'ai rencontré une personne qui a fait preuve d'un grand professionnalisme et qui a pris ma demande très au sérieux. Grâce à ses techniques de Pilate, Kathy me permet pendant les exercices de toujours corriger ma posture.

Elle m'a permis de progresser au niveau cardio, de perdre mes kilos superflus grâce à des conseils nutritionnels tout en proposant un coaching de grande qualité.

Je recommande vivement Kathy que ce soit pour reprendre son corps en main ou simplement pour s'entretenir. Un bon point pour sa bonne humeur également!

Helene Nobili Mont Boron . March 2016

Gemma Auberni Serra

Kathy is really good. She knows exactly what I need. She even managed to change my legs shape and now she's changing my arms too!

After every session I feel great.

Gemma Auberni Serra. Monaco. March 2015

Simona Czak

In July 2014 a car knocked me off my scooter and the scooter fell on my twisted left knee. The specialists and the MRI scan suspected a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament, especially due to the instability in my knee.

Even after the swelling had finally gone I felt very unstable walking, was in pain and had lost full range of motion in my knee joint. At the end of October 2014 I started Delos Postural Proprioceptive Training twice a week with Kathy. After just 10 sessions my knee regained stability and I was able to go walking in the hills again and felt secure in all my everyday movements. On the 4th December I had the control MRI scan…

Kathy told me she wasn’t worried about the scan because the results shown on the Delos feedback were smiling at me. She was right!

I would recommend Delos Postural Proprioceptive Training to anyone ..non-athlete or athlete who has joint instability. Quick results in regaining stability.

Simona Czak. Masso -Fisioterapista. Gestimed. Bordighera. Italia January 2015

Enrico Dato, 28 anni. Ex-university student Turin. Italy

I started to do Pilates with Kathy way on 30 October 2012.

Before then I had tried many different kinds of treatments: Osteopaths. Chiropractors etc and I have also been treated for 10 years by a renowned podologist to try and resolve my postural problems (I was born with a scoliosis and leg length discrepancy) but I still had no profound results. My neck and back pain returned and continued.

I had given up doing sport for over 10 years, then Dr. Cetani, a Physiatrist from Turin, Italy advised me to do Pilates with Kathy Way.

I went to see Kathy with my scoliosis, lumbar and trunk pain on the left side, cervical pain, pain in the left hip and shoulder (caused by the scoliosis and leg discrepancy). I had lost my physiological (natural) spinal lordosis. I had a very rigid and unstable spine, tension in my trapezius (neck) muscles. Sitting down to study caused me terrible lumbar back pain and after walking a very short distance I had pain from the sacro-iliac, lumbar and cervical spine. I couldn’t abduct my left shoulder more than 70°.

My back pain and condition was really bad but after the first Pilates lesson with Kathy I understood I was finally on the right track to healing my spine. I followed Kathy attentively step by step and even carried out the exercises she gave me to do at home.

After 4 months I had no more pain, apart from a tiny twinge in the left lumbar spine and once in a while a stiff neck.

I regained a natural lumbar spine curve lordosis, and was able to move all of my body in all planes of motion (before starting Pilates my body movement was totally blocked).

Kathy made me love Pilates.

Enrico Dato

Isabelle Campagna, classical ballet dancer with the Cinevox Junior Company in Switzerland

What does Pilates mean to me?

Pilates is awareness and stability of ones own body, just what ballet dancers need!

Thanks for everything Kathy

Isabelle Campagna

Mauro Mannini, 68 years old. Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Surveyor Mauro Mannini, 68 years old. Ex-Professional Rally Driver, Vallecrosia, Italy.

I had a cervical spine arthrodesis in 2010, and a lumbar spine operation in 2012. I had a few lumbar disc protrusions, one lumbar hernia and also lumbar stenosis causing me radical pain and cramping and parasthesia in both legs. I also have bilateral hip arthritis especially in the right hip and had piriformis syndrome. I had in the past also dislocated both shoulders and torn the rotator cuff tendons in my right shoulder.

I had various infiltrations in my lumbar spine and hip to try and ease the pain. I believed I would have to have another lumbar spine operation and was very concerned about facing it and the result.

Then in March 2013 I was lucky to find Dr. P. Cetani (Turin), a specialist in physical rehabilitation who recommended me to go to Kathy Way to do Pilates 4 times a week for 4 months.

After 2 months I was starting to really feel better. The cramps and parasthesia in my legs had disappeared and also my lumbar pain was decreasing. After 4 months I had no lumbar pain at all. My posture has improved and I am regaining the natural curves of spine. My hip joint has regained its range of motion and is less painful.

When I started Pilates I found it difficult and didn’t believe it was going to work, but now I really believe in it! I can feel and see the difference in my body. I feel 20 years younger. Pilates has become part of my life and I never miss a lesson.

Mauro Mannini

27 November 2013, Bordighera. IM

Madeline Jeffery

Three years ago when I was 78, I had a right knee replacement and 18 months later I fell and suffered a hair-line fracture of my right hip which left me feeling very unstable and worried about falling again. I had twelve sessions on Delos and felt so much more secure in going up and down stairs and general mobilisation that it was a great boost to my confidence, so much so that I am now able to really enjoy walking three or four miles. It is so wonderful to be able to do this again.

Madeline Jeffery

Sandra Helfenstein

Grazie del tuo tempo, dellla pazienza e dell’energia che investi nel lavoro con noi!

Grazie a te mi sento di nuovo in forma ed anche più sicura nei movimenti della vita quotidiana!

Un grazie di CUORE!

Sandra Helfenstein

Grania Bromley

What does Pilates mean to me?

Thank you Kathy – I feel like I have taken a peak into a whole new world – this is only the beginning

So thank you

Grania Bromley, (osteopath)

Elizabeth Brown

What does Pilates mean to me?

A healthier and much brighter future!

Thank you, Kathy, you are a star!

Elizabeth Brown

Sylvie Le Laurent

What does Pilates mean to me?

Pilates is a chance to change

Pilates with Kathy is pure happiness

Sylvie Le Laurent

Heather Lyons

Pilates means patience - keep with it and you’ll feel it!

Thanks so much Kathy – you’ve really helped make concrete what I’ve been learning so far with Pilates.

It’s amazing what we’ve done in a week!

Heather Lyons

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